CoinTrunk: Gateway to Decentralization

Embrace Decentralized Content, Governed by Blockchain Principles and Community Engagement

Discover CoinTrunk, where transparent blockchain technology and active community involvement come together to create a reliable platform for sharing decentralized content, fostering innovation, and empowering users to shape its future.

cointrunk decentralized content sharing platform based on blockchain


Experience trusted content and community-driven governance in a truly decentralized ecosystem

Community Control

Empower the community to make decisions through transparent voting and governance proposals.

Trusted Publishers

Community-elected publishers ensure a high standard of the content.

Curated Domains

Governance-approved domains ensure trustworthy sources.

Cross-Platform Access

Enjoy CoinTrunk on all devices, mobile and desktop.

Real-Time Content

Submit content now see it in seconds.

Open for All

CoinTrunk encourages a truly open content ecosystem, allowing everyone to become publishers.

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Explore, publish, and interact with content on the CoinTrunk platform using our feature-rich web app. Compatible with popular browsers like Chrome and Firefox, and integrated with Keplr Wallet for seamless transactions and account management.

  • Navigate Articles: Effortlessly explore a vast array of content, handpicked by the community and regulated by the blockchain.
  • Publish Content: Share your insights and knowledge by submitting articles, contributing to the growing repository of decentralized content.
  • Explore Publishers: Discover and learn more about the approved publishers, who bring quality content to the platform.
  • Pay Respects: Show your appreciation for the hard work of publishers by paying respects, supporting their continuous contributions.
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Introducing the CoinTrunk Mobile App, currently under development. The mobile app will not only include all the features of the web app but also function as a wallet for Cosmos-based coins.

  • Transfer: The CoinTrunk Mobile App will provide users with the ability to send and receive coins seamlessly, both on-chain and via Inter-Blockchain Communication (IBC). This feature ensures secure and efficient transactions, connecting the CoinTrunk ecosystem with other Cosmos-based chains and expanding its reach.
  • Staking: The mobile app will support a comprehensive range of staking features, enabling users to participate in the network's security and earn rewards by delegating their assets to validators. Users can enjoy the benefits of staking, such as monitoring their rewards and managing their stakes with ease.
  • Governance: The CoinTrunk Mobile App will empower users to take part in the decentralized decision-making process by submitting and voting on governance proposals.

Stay tuned for the upcoming release of the CoinTrunk Mobile App, offering a seamless experience for users who want to manage their assets, participate in governance, and engage with the CoinTrunk ecosystem on the go.

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